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September 24, 2016

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What to look for in a good web host?

A web hosting can be described, in the most basic of terms, as the home of your web site or online resource. Web hosts are an integral part of any online venture, business or otherwise, and it pays to do your home work before arbitrarily choosing a web host as the decision will have an impact on the outcome of your online venture.

Trying to select a good web host doesn’t have to be difficult, though it is if you are unprepared, and is a simple matter of understanding your needs and finding the right web host that provides the services that meet those needs.

What to look for in a good web host?

That is the central question and the answer can be broken down as such:

Customer Support

First and foremost you need to look at the customer services, such as the options available to acquire support like email, chat, phone; available forums through which you may find assistance from other users of the host, any documentation that intricately lays out the services provided and thus allows you to analyze any problems that arise and generate solutions etc. Basically it doesn’t matter how effective a service you acquire from a host is, be it dedicated hosting, shared hosting, virtual, if you are suddenly abandoned the moment a problem arises.

Disk Space

Every web host will make available to you a specific amount of disk space to use for your online resource; the disk space might be a specific amount or an unlimited package; most people will aim for unlimited without realizing that it most likely isn’t exactly unlimited, and isn’t automatically better than limited space. Simply consider your needs and acquire the disk space you need, while ensuring that if you select unlimited the trade offs do not hurt your online activities. And of course there is the cost factor


Bandwidth simply refers to the amount of data that can be passed to customers over a certain period, and like disk space web hosts will offer different bandwidth packages; and just like with disk space it isn’t always prudent to assume that unlimited bandwidth is necessarily the best. It all comes down to needs and whether your acquired bandwidth package meets the requirements of your online resource, taking into account variables such as your online resource’s graphical capabilities and of course costs. Keep in mind the repercussions of exceeding your allocated bandwidth.

Up Time

This refers to the amount of time the hosting server spends up and running, and while most hosts will promise up to 99% up time, remember that all servers go down at some point for any number of reasons. Simply take into consideration the remunerations offered when the server goes down.

Some people forget to take into consideration the programming language such as PHP and ASP. Not every developer is contended with HTML. Keep in mind that while most hosting companies will offer additional services such as domain names and web analysis tools, do not let them wheedle you into purchasing and paying for services you do not need.

Over all choosing a web host might sometimes come down to price. Of course you should never use price as the sole reason for choosing a host, yet be sure to avoid overpaying or underpaying, because even free web hosting has its downsides. 

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